Leave It To Me

by Rieg



Leave It To Me

While the final adjustments are being made on Rieg’s debut album, entitled “12:00”, the Brazilian group is set to release their “Leave It To Me EP” as another part of the narrative proposed by the future concept album.
By mixing trip-hop and experimental pop, Rieg creates the eerie ambience of the story behind 12:00. The album is about a boy who finds out the truth about his deceased father after finding his hidden VHS tapes in his basement. Each song represents a scene from the movies recorded on the tapes, revealing the psychological collapse of his father and details about the Terrible Company Inc.

In Leave It To Me, the third of four EPs that will complete the album’s narrative, three new tracks are released. The song that lends its name in the title of the EP describes the protagonist's liberation from the chains of his father’s dark and gloomy past. The next track 'Gorgon', depicts the opposite: it is the pressure felt by depression caused by the passivity we put on ourselves due to our past and the unhealthy family life, which affects the protagonist. Finally, 'Terrible Inc' is "villain" of the story: its the occult company that causes anxiety and fear within the protagonist through subliminal messages found in the father’s VHS collection.

The Leave It To Me EP was released in partnership with Lofi In High Records and was recorded in Mutuca Studio (João Pessoa, Brazil), mixed by Ruy José and Rieg, mastered by Arthur Joly of Reco-Head Records (São Paulo, Brazil), and the cover art of the EP was signed by artist and tattooist ANE // S. During the same period, the 'Leave it to Me' music video was released, directed by Rieg Rodig (the group's vocalist) and was produced by BBS Studios. The songs found on the EP will be on the album "12:00", with no official release date, toy with trip-hop, neo-soul and experimental rock.


released October 10, 2016

All songs were recorded in Mutuca Studio. Leave It To Me was mixed by Ruy Jose and mastered by Arthur Joly of Reco Head Studios in São Paulo. Gorgon and Terrible Inc were mixed by Ruy Jose and Rieg and mastered by the band itself. The cover art of EP was produced by A N E // S.
Rieg is: Rieg Rodig (Vocal / Sampler), Daniel Jesi (Bass / Sampler) and Nildo Gonzalez (drums).
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