by Rieg



released October 31, 2017

Recorded at Estúdio Mutuca
Mixed by Tofu Valsechi
Art by Diogo Galvão
Preformed by Rieg




Rieg João Pessoa, Brazil

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Track Name: witchwitchwitch
All the lights in symmetry
mystic line of trinity
wont you come oh, wont you go
Incense going straight to head
Weaving through this thirteenth web
wont it go, oh, wont it go
So go, go, go-oh-oh-oh
You got no soul, so go
Hey wont you come around
make that spell and go on
Hey wont you come around
make that spell last
So low, so slow
You got no soul, so go
status quo please speak to me
hoodoo comfortably on tv
Walk has gone and to turned to march
find six seeds and plant the Birch
Track Name: Virgin Suicides
So you know you've grown
and you can tell
that you're ready for someone
Your face lights up and glows
shining through
your cheap blush and two-dollar shame
I'm a lover
A disease
I'm a pleaser
And on my knees
I am two-faced
I am wrong
I'm a servant
for times to come
Too, doo, too, doo
You start to doubt the things
you know and love
not so ready anymore
Go grab tight and please say no
you cant really go
Track Name: sundriedeyes
When upside down went left to right
you don’t even know,
you didn’t care, you didn’t care
When everyone went round and round
you weren’t even there,
you weren’t here, you weren’t there
Peel it off and sit it out
you didn’t care, you weren’t there

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